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Over the past two decades we have developed, created and produced programming for network and cable outlets such as ABC, NBC Sports, CBS Cable, ESPN, and Fox Sports. In addition, we produce broadcast commercials along with corporate imaging projects for many of our clients.

Located in the Piedmont region close to Charlotte, North Carolina, we continue to expand our work in Broadcast Specials, Series Television, Commercials and Corporate Imaging.

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Thru all of those years we have worked and collaborated with numerous directors, producers and cinematographers. Most are freelance, some are connected to other production groups. This allows us the freedom to chose the best director and creative talent for each individual project.

These are a few we really enjoy working with and love their creative expertise!   … the others … well, we couldn’t find any decent photos!

Steve Urbano / Denver

          steve urbano / director / creative director : denver, co    

Jeff Smith / Charlotte

jeff smith / director-dp : charlotte, nc

Grubbs New

jonathan grubbs / producer -director-dp : charlotte, nc

Randy Martin / Dallas

randy martin / producer -director-dp : dallas, tx   

David Chapiro / Atlanta

david chapiro / cinematographer : atlanta, ga

Jack Vertical

jack reichart / cinematographer : new york, ny

Ralph Knox

ralph knox / cinematographer : davidson, nc

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